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Originally Posted by seikomania View Post
Hi Qian hu, May i know the price of the OF Earth for cichlids and also will the sand cause the PH to shot up? Cause im keeping some pelcos in it.. How many will i need to fill a tank of 3/1.5/1.5 and 2/1/1?

Many thanks and await your professional reply. =)
Hi there seikomania, thanks for your interest in OF Nature Earth!

Nature Earth is a powdered additive that introduces trace mineral elements that's available in nature but lacking in home aquariums.

While Cichlids can survive with some minerals deficiency, Nature Earth helps prevent problems caused by mineral deficiencies like cellular breakdown and reduced functionality of the fish’s immune system and organs by replenishing essential trace minerals. This replenishment encourages accelerated Cichlid growth, vitality, intensified fish coloration, improved digestion and strengthened immune system. Nature Earth also aids in enhancing Cichlid growth, maturity and their productivity rate.

Nature Earth for Cichlids (WC204) is available in 260g bottles and the RRP is sgd13.00. It will not cause any increase in pH.

Dosage (Spoon included):
• Maintain water quality : 1g treats 100 - 200 litres weekly.
• Improve water quality : 1g treats 50 – 100 litres weekly.
• Treat poor water quality : 1g treats 50 litres every 3 days. Repeat until water quality improves. (Water change is not recommended during this period. Filter to be maintained and cleansed to remove trapped particles. Clean filter with aquarium water, chlorinated water is to be avoided)
• Fish Feed additive : 1g mixed with 100g of fish feed. Mix well.

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