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try to work within your constraints.

if family really not supportive of pets, you must consider if you can pursue this hobby at this time.

u do not want to be unintentionally cruel to your pets by not being able to provide them with the proper care.

no point trying to make do with a "minimalist" set-up and u end up picking dead fish out of your tank all the time.

u can replenish your tank with cheap guppies, mollies or platies or even catch them free from the longkang but the end result will be the same: dead fish because your set-up is not enough for their healthy survival.

even if they survive, they won't be healthy.

i can sense that you care for your fishes and u want to pursue this hobby but its better to have your family's understanding and support.

its not right to do what they don't agree with as everyone is living in the same house.
where is further seaview longkang??? wkend sat morning n afternoon how???
its been raining cats n dogs recently and daily...
Can someone enlighten me where is this place? so i can go recce first wif my bike to see if the place need long or short nets safe to wade down into the stream anot... or anyone hardcore enuff to go tonite??? hahaha
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