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Default N30 Tank 5ft x 18inches (W) x 30inches (H) Fresh water Tank Set with side ious filter

N30 Tank 5ft x 18inches (W) x 30inches (H) Fresh water Tank Set with side ious filter

New set up done by us ( N30 Tank )
-Tank Size: 60Inches(L) x 18Inches(W) x 30Inches(H) 12mm all sides Japan Grade 1 Glass with euro-bracing top & Bottom of tank and silicon in glass for side of the tank
(*All Glass Machine Polish Edges)
-Cabinet: Zen Design with solid wood supported and lamination Modern Teak (EWY 3357 EV) (* Come with ABS Trimming for Doors)
-Oyama poster: Black for Back, left, bottom , and iof (Front) only
-Side ious filter for the tank
-1No Eheim1264 Supply & Install by N30 Tank
-1No 5ft Double tube lighting
-1Set Full Media Package
-Ac/dc air pump with air disk and silicon air tube(Black)
- Fresh Water Tank Set Up

*Tank come with 5 year wty and quality assurance for leakage.

Tank constructed using Japan Asahi Glass with full machine polished edge and dow corning silicon. Combined with various design of stand, cabinet with specific design based on our experience in aquarium setup.

Pse refer to our Website:

N30 Tank Gallery:

N30 Maintenance:

N30 Planted Set up:

N30 Carpentry:

For more detail please call 96672353 (Weeyang)
FAX: 64810923
Or E-mail to
or E-mail to
Or visit our show room/Factory Blk5038 AMK IND PK 2 #01-427
N30 Trading & Enterprises (N30 Tank)
Contacts: 96672353 (Weeyang)
Address: Blk5038 AMK IND PK 2 #01-427 S(569541)
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