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As with breeding betta, the key is to keep things simple.

That said, you would still need a container/tank for spawning the pair.

A large and spacious tank/container, whichever suits your budget. This would be use to raise the spawn, especially if you have a large one.

An air pump and a simple air-driven filter, box/sponge.

Some plants, indian almond leaves and some small pond snails, in my case as they help to breakdown the indian almond leaves. I find this important, because I don't culture infusoria to feed the fry and leave them in the tank until they are about 5 days old or so when they are large enough to eat the bbs. I believe such environment encourage the growth of some microorganisms, which the fry feed on during the first few days of their life.

And the most critical of all, BBS eggs. The fry feeds on these for at least the first 3-4 weeks and after that, you can slowly introduce pellets or other dried food to boost their growth. Most breeders use live tubifex worms or chopped frozen bloodworms but it is mostly to your preference.

I hope it helps.
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