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Originally Posted by ken_yg View Post
Zero readings for ammonia, nitrite & nitrate for new tank with new medias usually mean that nitrification process has not started.
When we said tank filtration is cycled, it mean that nitrification process is completed with right bacterias establish in filtration to balance bio-loads production, thus ammonia & nitrite will be at safe level. Each of these spike at different phases as their nitrification environment are related.
When nitrification is completed, it is not usual to see zero NO3, the final product of nitrification process.

Nitrification process starts from day when one added fishes (assuming one is not using MP or urine) to the tank & may take up to 8 weeks or longer.
Hope the explanation help.
I see, look like I need to test my water again now. Is already 1 week since I added in the Aros. The PH still maintain at 7.3
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