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Default arowana not eating

hi i unknowingly added a new tankmate with white spot into the tank around two weeks ago and by day two my xb has stopped eating and has spent more time camping at the exact spot in picture (he normally likes to camp here everynow and then)my IT's and NTT started to show little white specs...the piece with white spot passed on day 3 and i treated the tank with waterlife's protozin and bought a day 6,7 no white specs where observed on my IT's and ntt whereas my xb still did not show improvement in appetite although i did not observe any white specs appearing at all...up till today my xb has yet to recover his appetite and continues to camp there(rarely he swims out to circle for one or two rounds and goes back to camp)although i observed that he has gotten angsty whereby when he is circling i saw him nib at my delhezi who was surfacing quite a number of the past once he sees me infront of the tank he'll swim out if he's camping but now he doesn't even care...any bros here know if this is a concern as he is my 1st arowana and i don't wanna lose him

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