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Originally Posted by PANG LONG View Post
John now te way u explain i read i feel better. I support all clubs or activities abt arowana te first day i come into tis trade. Te problem here is that some member here want activities and they start a tread i support te idea. If AFC feel that they can handle te farm visit than just go into te tread and take over from there. I believe more ppl will respect AFC tis way than just take away te tread and zap ppl . AFC need support from everyone . Ppl u like ppl u do not like , as long as they are arowana lovers. Than everyone can come together and enjoy tis hobbists and share. I will still support AFC even i do not know wat they can achieve in the future .
U have ur reasons, I have mine. I won't say I am 100% right. I may be wrong and there may be a better way but until the day someone is in my shoes, then only he can tell me where I was wrong. Third party criticism is always easy. I have never criticise farms or for that matter, anyone doing their own business. Some say Red is Red, Gold is Gold. Some give fanciful names to their aros. It is their individual way of doing their business. I do not tell others how to go about doing their job and I ask that others respect the way I do my job.

I dunno what AFC can achieve in future too. However, there is a vision and it is spelt out. I won't be running the show forever. In fact, highly possible just one year to kick start it. At the next AGM, I sincerely hope a better man take charge and on the part of AF, we will continue to support it.
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