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Default Interview with Breeders

We received some feedback regarding the credibility/authencity of the interview with an Aro breeder conducted recently.

We understand your concern and would also have liked to identify the interviewee. However, we also need to respect the wishes of the interviewee, if he/she does not wish to be identified.

Rest assure that we would have done the initial validation. In this instance, the interviewee is a CITES breeder.

As in all articles, whether here in the forum or other media, the readers' judgement will have to prevail. Should there be areas where individuals feel uncertain about, it can be posted in the Arowana forum for further discussions. Am sure there are "experts" in forums that will be able to offer some assistance as well.

We are also planning more chats with breeders and/or professionals in this trade and is working on having interested hobbyist join in the session and be part of the interview team - to be the journalist, photo journalist, etc.. Of course, this is subject to the interviewee agreeing to this format of interview.

We are working hard at this and will update all of you as soon as we can...

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