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Default My first attempt at doing up a proper planted tank (36cm)

Hi there - this is my first attempt at doing up a proper planted tank. It is a 36cm crystal glass tank with ADA Aquasky 361 LED lighting. Dolphin hang-on filter @185L/Hr. Mini CO2 @ 1BPS. I'm using Borneo Wild soil for planted tanks.

As for plants, for foreground, I used a mix of Riccia tied on wire mesh (a very pain-staking process!!!), Japanese hair grass and Glosso - I guess a bit like Amanoís technique. On the drift wood, I tied Willow Moss, which disappointingly melted away only after a few days! No idea what caused it. For mid-ground I used 4 bunches of Java Ferns pre-tied on wood and to 'soften' the look of it, I also planted some Tenellus in between. The rocks are red lava rocks. For background, I used a mix of green and red Rotala - I donít know what kind, but I hope it works out fine.

Kudos to those at Green Chapter for helping me start this planted tank journey!

Would be grateful for any comments!

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