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Now , Refer to pic 3 : Pic 3 shows the overall Skimmer body and collection cup, Skimmer stands at about 24cm by 11cm , black portion plastic, Collection cup height is about 6.5 inch. Inserting and Removal of collection cup is a breeze, as the long neck you see in picture 1 simply sits into the hole outlet of the black casing without any screwthreads or tight fitting.
Refer to pic 2 : Pic 2 is the collection cup entire view, it is moulded in one whole pcs with a seperate cup cover.Tunze has pasted a liquid level sticker indicating the volume of skimmate collected.
Refer to pic 1, did you notice the black screw just at the bottom right hand corner below the collection cup? That is the screw meant for air intake adjustment. This is one of the issue I faced with the screw. Original Screw that comes with the packaging is blue in colour, apparently (search RC Tunze Website, I started a thread there commenting on no skimmate produced after running skimmer for 1 wk and later was informed that the original blue screw cannot cover the air valve as it is too short. The black screw you see in the pic comes with the package with the same diameter as the blue one but slightly longer. When I replaced the screw, voila! the skimmer started skimming within 4 hrs after rectification.
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