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Originally Posted by Lighthouse Aro View Post
I am planning for either a 522 or 422 tank with sump filtration. Keeping Aro. Previously I was using OHF. I am new to Sump filtration. Hope you guys don't mind if I asked some basic questions.

What is the ideal pump flow rate for these 2 tanks? Sump tank volume must also be included correct?

Is 5 cycles of filtration per min sufficient? Any difference for adult or juvenile Aros?

Any brands to recommend? Eheim seems popular.

Need additional Air pump for this size tanks?

Gold or red aro? If possible a 2.5 width. Can get a 5000l for 422 and 6000l for 522. Eheim is good. Can consider fluval and laguna. Air pump can get Ranger 90000 for the back up battery or hi blow baby.
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