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Originally Posted by Titus View Post
Good resources from bro nazari with additions from bro Leong68. Please feel free to add links and NO CHIT CHAT, Thank you. Let's keep this as a resource.

1. - GrandMaster IshikawaSan Webbie
2. - one of my fav home breeder
3. - got great links to other ranchu site
4. - great HK website if im not wrong
5. - great thai website
6. - website to get chanko food and info
7. - japanese auction webby to see great fish at a bargain
8. - ranking and webby of Japanese Ranchu Fancier
9. - learn all what great TVRs lots of clips to learn about swimming
10. - Tomonori Ranchu Webby

Contibution from Bro leong68
11. - Geert Coppens Webby
12. - HanajimaSan did getting the RanyuKai movement into Thailand and they benefitted from it greatly.

Very informative. Thanks to Bro Titus & Bro leong68
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