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Ok getting too many pm for how to measure , i'm trying to draw out standard tank size like

5x2.5 and 6x2.5 tank with sump first . For those having odd dimension pls bear with me for awhile first .

Need to know how to use those drawing software like paint ? Or if not i will just take pic or scan my drawing and upload here .

Again pls comfirm your bracing measurement before u pm me .
MEASURE the bracing from external , or go to ur tank top view and visualize and measure . The 2.5W if width 3" bracing from all tankmakers should be standard 4 side 3 " . For the Length i need some time to calculate using my 6.5ft lenght tank . Again pls bear with me. Holiday today also busy need to run errand lah ....HAPPY VESAK DAY everyone in AF !!!
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