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Originally Posted by Louis View Post
Sexing Goldfish

Sexing is rather one of the more challenging tasks to a breeder, as there are not many noticable signs. However there are a few. I have stated them below and provided a small sketch of each.


Some noticable signs on the males are white spots, known as tubercles appearing on their gill plate. These tubercles are also present along the pectoral fins of the males. Compared to females, the males have thinner Anal Fins. On males, you can see that their vent tends to concave (goes in) and is not very noticable.

Females on the other hand show somewhat opposite characteristics from the males. Sometimes females can also show signs of tubercles on their gill plates and pectoral fins. However they are not as significant as the males. Females will exhibit thicker anal fins, and will have vents that convex (sticks out). Their breeding tube, as some call it are relatively larger in size, compared to the males. During spawning season, females will have noticable larger abdomens.

Hope this helps you identiify your Goldfish Gryffindor.
Very nice infor. Thanks
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