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Originally Posted by Aro77 View Post
Hi bro,

Not an aro pro but in the past i had a similar experience, i did not put salt or put any medication in except for de-worming as i had rays in there. How many dosage of prazi gold have u put in?

For me when it reached 2 months plus, i had started 30% wc every 3 days, followed by a total of 2 deworming through out the cycle, and finally after about 2 weeks the bugger started eating, there was no sign of bloating or any funny movements indicating internal parasites.

1 thing which u can try is Bull frog but not really advisable if you are trying to convert your aro to frozen food.

btw, what AC are u using and how long does your WC take?
as advise on the bottle 1 cap (5ml) for 50L, for 5x2x2ft tank with 90% full of water I dose about 60ML. I did 2 to three time.

May I ask what is AC???

water change I do weekly about 70% water change...
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