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Default Converting a 3ft tank to guppy tank

Hi guys/gals,

I have a spare 3ft tank which my daughter had been asking me to let her keep guppy in it.

I need to check with you guys on some items as I had never rear guppy in such a big tank before.

1) Currently this tank is using a OHF system. Will this filter system be too strong for the guppy? I think I will need to use a piece of cloth or sponge to cover the pump inlet so that those smaller size guppy or fries will not be suck in right?

2) For this size tank, will it be ok to keep around 30 guppies?

3) Lastly, do I need to remove all the drift wood from the tank as I see most of the guppy tank shown here do not have drift wood in them?

Thanks alot for the advice.
Will be starting to cycle the tank from tonight.
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