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Originally Posted by BarraCuda™ View Post
1.Depends on the heat sink thickness, typically min distance should be 1" apart.

2.I happened to find a batch of cheaper 5W thats why bought some to try.

2.Depends on the forward voltage of the LED. You add up all the forward voltage and it shall not exceed the max rating of the driver and power supply.

3.I'm using various power supplies from 30V to 24VDC, ranging from 5A to 3A.

4.No fan in used.

5.Aluminium sheet can be found in most aluminium hardware stores, mine cost about $70.
Thank barra, interesting will dig up my project and provide some details for those who interested in building the drivers from discrete transistors .

err.. me poor at metal hardware.. where can find 'aluminium hardware store'?
most i can see only sell pipes and other extrusions..
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