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Default FAQs on Planted Tanks

Hi all, I am beginning to compile a list of discussions as well as good [basic] links that will help to address items which have already been discussed before. I hope that this will decrease the repetition of the same questions over and over again.

If you have other threads on AF you feel that is good and should be added here, just PM me. Contributions will be duly noted.

The basics:

Basics to get for a new tank
Starting up a new 2 feet tank
KH for a planted tank
Cycling a planted tank
Quarantine new plants


Does your driftwood float again after a period of storage?
Driftwood causing your water to be brown?


Choice of substrates
Properties of ADA soil
Is grain size a factor?


Filtration for a planted tank
Hang on filter VS Cannister Filter
Tools good to have for a planted tank
Calibrate your pH pen


Processing new plants
Starting a moss wall?
How to properly plant hairgrass
List of hardy plants - 1
List of hardy plants - 2


Basics of a CO2 system
Which CO2 device is suitable?
Using ADA soil and want to inject CO2?
Injecting CO2 into your cannister filter
Discussion of CO2 Tablet - 1
Discussion of CO2 Tablet - 2
Discussion of CO2 Tablet - 3


Discussion of BBA (Black Brush Algae)


Snails infesting your tank?
Fauna that clears up snails
Will snails affect or aid us?
Starting a Nano tank? Read here!
Where to buy hardscape (rocks, driftwood, bogwood, etc)

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