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Default Books on Fish Keeping & Aquarium Plant

Dear all, this probably my last few post for sales thread over at market place. I have a few books to let go. All for $50 firm. Self-collection at Punggol Field only. Contact me @ 9675 8697. No obligation. Thanks.


Nature Aquarium World Book One( Takashi Amano).
This Book contains photographs of the world's most beautiful aquariums. This book has been designed for hobbyists and dealers; public aquariums could get a nice education too. Photos 90% 10%Condition of the book 8/10

Top View Ranchu Japan Year book 2002 (book 4).
Full pictorial (In Japan headings). Mostly photos 80%. Condition of the book 6/10 due to some pages coming out from the book stem.

Tropical Fishlopaedia (A complete guide to Fish Care). This book give advice and guidanceon all aspects of fish-keeping, choosing and buying compatible species, fish body language, nutrition, breeding, lighting, water & Decor. Not to forget indentifying and treating disease and much more. 90% wordings with picture description. Condition of the book 6/10

Aquarium series on Goldfish Book 1 & Book 2 (Taiwan Publisher). Pictorial book 70% with 30% wordings. Condition 7/10.

The Aquarium Plant Handbook by Oriental Aquarium. 183 pgs. A very good book for introduction of aquatic plants. With information of each plant with recommend PH, hard/soft, requirement of lights etc... Condition 7/10

Aquarium Plant Catalogue by Oriental Aquarium. 88 pages with full pictorial. Condition 7/10.
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