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Default Jebao 915 intake/output leak

Hi just got a jebao 915 from one of the bros over here.
However upon testing, the intake/output leaks very slowly at the part where its turned to off and on. Is that part replaceable if not can it be removed directly?

The bro has made a very good gesture to come over and refund me, but i don't wish to make it so inconvenient for anyone of us.

Or should i just take to NA ask mr chan if he knows how to remove?
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Is it the tap that is leaking?
Can remove the tap and connect the hose directly to the inlet/outlet.
Use a cable tie to secure the hose.

The above method worked for me the last time.
Only that when you want to do maintenance that time a bit troublesome.
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Yes bro, the O-ring in the ball valve is leaking.
think changing O rings will solve it, informed the bro and he will help me find out the price.
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Can anyone share with me where I can buy this In-out valve set for Jebao 915. I am living at the north side.
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