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Default AquaZonic Amphi Plus - Variable Speed Pump (13000L/H, 15000L/H, 18000L/H & 20000L/H)

Dear friends!

We are excited to introduce the new energy saving pump that delivers high flow rate but uses much less electricity than normal pumps!

Example, a 20000L/H pump traditionally uses 400-450W, but the AMPHI PLUS uses just 170W!

AMPHI PLUS is a variable speed amphibious (wet/dry) pump designed and built for reliable pumping performance. The Inverter Technology allows efficient use of energy with energy savings of up to 70% while retaining strong and consistent water flow.
  • Adjustable Flowrate.
    Programmable to run at different flow-rates for wider applications, e.g. flowrate can be reduced at night to allow fish to rest, etc.

  • Advanced User Controls.
    5-Speed | 15/60mins Feed Mode | Previous Setting Memory

  • Inverter Technology.
    Energy savings of up to 70% while maintaining strong flowrate.

  • Intelligent Motor-Overheat Protection.
    Prevents the pump from overheating due to pump running without water, stalling of impeller and surge of electrical current.

  • Tough Attrition-Resistant Impeller.
    Wear-resistant and provides better performance.

  • Multiple Sealing of Electronics.
    Electronics are encased in epoxy-resin for added protection.

Adjustable Flowrate and Feed Mode

  • Variable 5-speed.
    LED Indicators display the selected flowrate. Changing the flowrate is as easy as pressing the ‘+’ button to increase flowrate and the ‘-’ button to reduce flowrate. The LED will light up indicating your selected flowrate.

    1 – 20% | 2 – 40% | 3 – 60% | 4 – 80% | 5 – 100%

  • 15/60mins Feed Mode.
    When feed mode is activated, AMPHI PLUS will be turned off and restarted automatically after 15 or 60 mins. Press feed button to toggle between 15 or 60mins. Alternatively, press the power button to resume normal operation.

  • Previous Setting Memory.
    AMPHI PLUS remembers the last speed setting after it turns on after a power failure.

Intelligent Overheat Protection
AMPHI PLUS features a special protection circuit that protects the motor from damages when the below cases happen:

Anti-Dry Protection
In the event that the pump is removed from water, or under any situation whereby the pump is unable to draw water (running ‘dry’), the anti-dry protection will kick in. After the pump runs ‘dry’ for 2 minutes, it will stop for a few seconds, and run again for few seconds. These stop and run cycle will repeat 5 times before the pump enters the stop-protection mode. Turn off the power, replace pump back into water or draw water into pump before restarting. Turn power on to use.

Anti-Stall Protection
In the event that the impellor is stalled (jammed), the pump will enter the stop-protection mode. Turn off the power and remove the cause of the obstruction. Turn power on to use.

Current-Surge Protection
In the event that the pump is affected by a sudden surge in electrical current (due to external factors) beyond the maximum operating current, the pump will enter the stop-protection mode. Turn off the power. Turn power on to use.

  • Freshwater or marine aquarium
  • Ponds
  • Filtration systems
  • Water circulation and aeration
  • Applications that require constant and strong water flow


AMPHI PLUS 13000. Max Flow 13000L/H. 115W Max Power Consumption
AMPHI PLUS 15000. Max Flow 15000L/H. 135W Max Power Consumption
AMPHI PLUS 18000. Max Flow 18000L/H. 150W Max Power Consumption
AMPHI PLUS 20000. Max Flow 20000L/H. 170W Max Power Consumption

Click here for full technical specifications.


Video shows the AMPHI PLUS going through the different modes. The variable speeds allows it to be used in different applications. Lastly the feed mode switches the pump off for 15 or 60 minutes and automatically switches the pump on after the selected time.
YouTube Video
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YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

71 JALAN LEKAR S698950

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