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awesome collection bro ...

got open hse or not..?? i'm keen to visit u too ...
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The Channa has no interest in eating anything but, crustaceans. His favourite is freshwater crayfish, second is ghost shrimp (jumbo ones) and then Market Prawn. He will go check out new inhabitants when I first introduce them, like a dog actually, he kinda sniff them abit and then he leaves them alone for good. As for the ST he is abit more KL, he WILL taste his new friends, spit them out alive but stun. He will occasionally pick on the weaker fishes, I guess it's like weeding out the weak, fishes which are strong and healthy, he leaves them alone, as in don't eat them, but he will on occasion check them out. The ST will usually prey on new fishes when they are first introduced to the tank, as they are all like blur king, so I will usually introduce the fishes to a more vegetated area, so they can hide abit and take their bearing. Oh, before I forget, the ST will whack the ghost shrimp, he loves to eat them from the rocky bottem and spitting out the rocks, quite fun to watch.

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Default Just Sharing my Fish List

OK, just want to share with Bros here what I understood about keeping water clean, through exploring, experimenting and listening. I am not here to teach, so if I am wrong or if you disagree and would like to pitch in and share I would be happy to learn. So here goes.
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Default Just Sharing my Fish List

First of all, I would like to share about what goes on in my mind, with regards to water upkeep and fish husbandry. There are 8 major question that I always ask myself and remind myself, because I always forget and this help me stay on course and prevent me from straying and committing to stupid and expensive mistakes, they are:

Water Change

I would like to also go through a few things that I think is important to me through the next week or so when I have the time to post, and they are:

Set up
Water Change
Catching and Transportation
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Default Just Sharing my Fish List

6 feet tank set up (72”x30”x30”)

4 feet sump tank (48”x18”x18”)
What’s inside?
1st Chamber:
Top: Synthetic white wool. (in the early stages when pumping up my filter bacteria count with heavy stocking of big monsters and heavy feeding , wool change and water change was daily. Then after 2 weeks it became alternate days until my ammonia, nitrate, nitrite was zero. Now water change is monthly with wool change weekly)
Middle: All the way above the water line till middle, Momotaro bacteria tubes.
Bottom: Green filter mat pack tight.
2nd Chamber:
Top: Coral chip.
Bottom: Green filter mat pack tight.
3rd Chamber:
Top: Compressed KTP leaves Pallet sticks.
Middle: Coral chip.
Bottom: Green filter mat pack tight.
4th Chamber
All the way 30kg of Biohome Plus pack tight.
5th Chamber
Top: Coral chip
Eheim 1262 pump (Remove the sponge)

Eheim Pro2 Canister filter x 2 (The intake to this is in the 5th chamber of the sump tank)
What’s inside?
All the way Biohome Plus only. (No wool or sponge, the two canister are link)

Artica 1/3 HP Chiller (Intake from the 2 linkup Eheim Pro2, set at 27 degrees celcius)

Mebner 16 watt UV chamber (Intake from chiller then outlet back into the 5th chamber of sump. Important to note that all are link up with quick release pipe joints from Eheim, for easy removal for servicing and change, I have a second Chiller, UV and Pump on Standby)

Dymax AP1000 AC/DC Airpump

Arcadia Lights: 2, 4 feet white light and 1, 3 feet pink light.

Pinpoint probe and meters: for PH and ORP readings (PH 7.2, ORP 320-380)
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Default Just Sharing my Fish List

Some more Pix for set up.
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Default Just Sharing my Fish List

The rational behind the set up is this:
The wool is the first line of defense for solid waste, especially if you are keeping protein eating monsterfishes, they WILL poo out a lot of solid stuff, so the easiest way to deal with the really big pieces is to take them out. Thus it is important to always check your sump to see if the wool is overloaded as that will lead to choking and overflowing of your sump. For my set up itís been 2 years plus so my feeding, filtration and water cycle is already settle down, so I know that removing and changing the wool weekly is sufficient. So you have to work out your routine and cycle. The semi dry and wet bacteria tube is the next stage in the 1st chamber to cultivate heavy duty bacteria that chomp down on solid waste, I call this the mother ship of the bacteria, from there they will go forth and inhabit the rest of the sump. You will realize that over the next few chamber from first to third, there are a lot of utilization of green filter mat packed tightly together. What I hope to achieve here is to further allow for smaller and micro solid waste to be trapped and digested by the bacteria here. I also uses the top part of the next two chamber for coral chip and also the compressed KTP leaves pallet (which actually act like black water but slower releases), these are components that youíll have to do by trial and error to balance the PH to the level you want it to be, so there will be a lot of adding and removal of either the coral chip (PH up) or the KTP pallets (PH down). The 4th Chamber is strictly for the bacteria to work on the micro scale, here I hope to cultivate the kind of bacteria that really gets down to non solid waste, like ammonia, nitrate etc. I am just imagining that it would. The last Chamber is where the first round of water purification is done, but like a cowís stomach, I have a second round that is taken into the 2 canister filter full of only Biohome Plus like the 4th chamber to further clam down on the non solid waste, cool down the water then subject it to UV bombardment for taking out the bad disease causing stuff and also algae controlÖ hope all these is making sense and I very often think that I am just fantasizing that at least thatís how itís working. I also use the last chamber for fine tuning of my tankís PH, adding or removal of coral chip bags only.
So what are the important things to remember for me?
Two things actually, one is to set up your system that is right and easy for you to access and do maintenance and water change. The easier it is, the more often youíll do it.
The second is to get your routine, feeding and water cycle right. So it becomes second nature to you.
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thanks for sharing, easy to understand why stuffs are placed in a certain way. i find it interesting that u set the temp at 27 degrees celcius. the idea is to increase dissolved oxygen in the water?
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I just realise my keyboard is wet after looking at all your pics.. si peh power..
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Very nice and huge collections
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