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Originally Posted by tweety bird View Post
Infration or zapped by Mod or Admin a pm will be sent to you.

If your rep points is being zapped by members that is something beyond our control. That will be dependable if the members wants to leave their nick or reason for you.

Please note the difference btw infration or zapped by Amin/Mod and members of the forum. down sir...

Infration or zapped by Mod or Admin a pm will be sent to you.} I guess this PM will include the reason for it, From the way you emphasized it.

I was just expressing an opinion,(Just if that's worth you can include it in the system,else just throw it away..I don't mind..)
Please do not misunderstand that as criticizing the rep system..

thank you.

and please forgive me if i said something wrong., .Cheers..

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