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wah.. never c b4 leh...
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Keeping an octopus would be very interesting.
It's a highly intelligent species, and may out-smart you!
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I have kept an octopus before, one that my friend unintentionally hooked at bedok jetty.
extremely smart animals, octopi are the very best of escape artists. an octopus-proof tank can be a hassle to set up considering all the equipment involved with saltwater, but is not impossible.
they are almost always kept in a species tank as they will either eat/kill/be eaten by other tankmates.
an overpowered skimmer is a must in the event that your oct does "ink" the tank.
in all, an animal with specialised needs and would need a specifically designed system. do not that these are not long-lived creatures, but they are highly entertaining, rewarding animals to care for.
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What happened to it?
I hope it didn't end up on your table as tako sashimi!
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