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Default Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to, Betta Forum FAQ 2005.

Glad that you made an effort to even click on this thread, you deserved a pat on the back. After months of procrastination (due to work and study commitments), I finally able to take time to revamp this thread.

FAQ 2005 is this years version of the older FAQs. Broken links were removed and new stuff added. This time, I link up more sites other
then those created in, things like Betta Clubs from other places and also some Betta webs. I am also looking into placing pictures to spice up the screen.
FAQ before 2004
FAQ 2004

If you have anything you think you should share with someone, send me a private message with the link.

I look forward to more fun and sharing in the forum, thus everyone will enjoy their visit here.


Betta Forum Moderator
__________________________________________________ ____________

About the fish itself
Introduction to betta, classification, morphology and breathing organ
Types of finnage
Type of colours
How to spawn a pair of betta
Differentiating between male and female
Mating pictures

General Betta Care
How to change betta water
Guide to betta diseases
Water chemistry
About Types of Filtration
Potassium Permanganate: What's it used for? Good med or fish killer?

Betta Breeding
Tank size for breeding

Betta Fries Care
Rising up fries
Fries food
Problem with fry feeding

Food Culture (some site underconstruction)
Microworm culture
Brine shrimp culture
Grindal worm culture
Infusoria culture
Daphnia culture
Mosquito larvae culture (not advisable to culture in SG)
Vinegar eel culture

BBS vs Daphnia

Strain FAQ
Colour Genetics NEW!!! (contributed by Encriptic)
Betta Genetics Predictor NEW!! (contributed by hiisoka)

Genetics Related
Genetic terms
Cells: Smallest Living Structures
Cell Division: Mitosis & Meiosis

Ketapang Leaves
Ketapang tree locations in Singapore
Picture of Ketapang trees and leaves
Why use ketapang leaves?
How long do you keep ketapang leaves?

AF members from west side
AF members from east side
List of Singapore betta shops
Import , Export & Selling Bettas
Other Betta Forums
A must site to see. Loaded with wacky betta-related experiments by a wacky guy

Betta Links (PM me if you wish to have your website listed here)
International Betta Congress
Betta Web Ring
Abbreviation and Acronym

From Singapore
Betta Club Singapore
Straits Aquariums
Betta Flare
Betta Splendens by Mark Ang
Betta Thrills
Fireblade's Betta
Pacific Betta

Foreign (English)
Betta Club Alliance
Midwest Betta Club
Betta Bunnies
Betta Talk
Betta Territory

Foreign (Non-English)
Swiss Betta Club
German Betta Club

Report to me if you find a broken link.

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