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Originally Posted by Newtank View Post
Aroboy, relax lah. It is just an opinion. Unless it is also a rule not to give "negative" opinion. New members are joining everyday, and new opinions will avail itself ...(you know what, I do have more to write, but I guess I will have to go with the flow and keep my opinions to myself).

I like this forum and will visit again and again. But having said that, I did write more then what was posted below, any reason why they were edited out? or is this a system glitch?
U were whining abt ur loss of rep points. I deleted that. Of cos u will say u r not and just giving an opinion. But those post on " some zap me blah blah blah " are all taken as whining. I wud have zapped u further for that but I thot of just deleting them away will be adequate. Now u question why ..... I'll zap u and give u the reasons in ur usercp why .....
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