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Originally Posted by henryow7691 View Post
Any bro know where to buy oxygen tank used for packing fish?
you may want to search thegreenbook for gas suppliers. most of them have small sized 'd' cylinders. i bought helium before. must pay deposit fir the cylinder. will be refunded when you return.
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Originally Posted by PierceTan View Post
Bro he is trying to explain to TS that compress air is use for packing fish and not purely oxygen tank as TS wants a oxygen tank to pack fish.
I understand what TS needed and yes, while we can use an air pump to bag fishes for short journeys, it isn't true that compressed air is used in shops. Think logically... how much compressed air can a cylinder hold? Most cylinder gases are delivered in liquid form, including COČ. The simplest analogy I can think of is a cigarette lighter which is filled with liquified butane (probably), not just pressurized gas.

Originally Posted by issacyeo View Post
yes, it is true that MOST gas cylinders are stamped and colour coded. im assuming u come from a company with high standards. we gotta bear in mind that the same supplier to our companies may not necessarily be the same supplier to the LFS. there will always be some small companies which do not adhere to these colour codings.
There is a need to cut operating costs wherever possible but for a LFS dealing with livestock, it doesn't make economic sense to 'cheat' on oxygen and spoil their reputation, not when it cost under $200 for a new cylinder (10kg, IIRC) and that lasts quite a while (depending on sales).

I do not work in the liquid gas supply trade but know that the valves on different gases, be it for industrial, medical or diving cylinders, require different hardware fittings and thread size, to prevent accidental wrong usage.

All that said, personally, I will be piśśed big time should I find the LFS using an air-tubing from a Hi-blow to pack my purchase. I believe most bros here would flip too. [can imagine them going, "narbey... si kiam kanah... use air pump to bag my aro...]

And please... I'm not here to pick an argument but just volunteering to help correct mis-information or urban myths from being needlessly perpetuated further. I speak only from my humble experience and refrain from saying what I don't know with absolute certainty.
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To verify whether the LFS is using pure oxygen cylinder, just do a simple test. When you bought a bag of fish home, before opening the bag, prepare a glowing splint. Put in the glowing splint into the bag when opened, the glowing splint will either re-light by itself or burns more brightly if the bag contains high concentration of oxygen.
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Originally Posted by henryow7691 View Post
Any bro know where to buy oxygen tank used for packing fish?
bro, otherwise just bring the fish to an LFS to fill up the bag for you. Dun think they will charge u anything if u know them well.
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Originally Posted by bot4k View Post
why is oxygen tank dangerous? lpg tank is many more times dangerous. most household have lpg cylinders.
Oxygen tanks require correct handling and storage procedures. Improperly handled, oxygen tanks pose as a big hazard not just to yourself but also to others around you and I don't need to list the reasons why. LPG tanks are besides the issue, since TS is not looking to buy an LPG tank. Oh, and more and more households now use Piped gas rather than LPG cylinders, so your statement of "most household have lpg cylinders" is not exactly correct. It's just friendly advice given to TS to consider alternative methods of packing fishes, no other ill intended. YODM.
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Long time now to post reply but you can buy oxygen tank from those who deal in cylinders. From there you can get it easily and now a days these tanks are available online also.
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