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redcross Help: Clown Loaches Dying [Bloated Stomach + Pop Eye (at times)]

Hi Anyone can advice?
My clown loaches keep dying. Mostly is bloated stomach. At times, some with have bloated stomach+ pop eyes. What happen? I've tried partial water change and add salt. There must be a way to help? Please advice...?

Attached some photos for your expert advices.

Thank you,
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check your water parameters.
they are quite sensitive to bad water.
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Thought clown loaches, as they are scaleless, should not put too much salt or medication.

Anyway, sounds like dropsy. So far I have very little success with dropsy, but typical advice would be od does anti-bacteria medication, while the other school would say keep water parameter healthy (.e.g change 50% twice a week) and hope that the kidney is not stressed further and recover.
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