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Default Joke : Insurance Claim Law

Not an interesting write up but still, it's quite a joke.

In a selected elite country, there is a unpublished law called, "Ass Luck Law". It is a special set of law, to protect the insurance company.

This law is about, wrong place wrong time punishment law on the aggrevied party. You may be crossing the road with the green man in your favour, you may be completely stopped at the traffic light, you may even he, standing by the road side, AND a kuku driver hits you. You are injured or even killed.

The judgement, even if you are a victim, will victimized you with anything between 5-15% fault. It can fault you for failure to keep a proper look out, or whatever reason. Typically, boils down to, your Ass Luck.

So, like insisted, dont tell me your rights of passage.... dead ppl has no rights.

I suspect someone may have some reason for being protective of insurance companies at the victims expense.

That figurine should be replaced with Joker showing you the finger.
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