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Default Nikon DLSR 5100

The Nikon DSLR D5100 comes with the AF-S 18-55mm VR DX Lens bundled together. It doesn't have a remote wireless trigger for the flash.

For shooting guppies, will this lens be sufficient. Any recommendations for a flash and any other accessories that are required.
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i think macro is the way to go for guppies
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For small fish like guppies, it's quite hard to use the kit lens. I've tried kit lens on small fishes (harlequin rasbora / aspistogrammas).. need a lot of cropping cos you cannot zoom in fully on them.. cannot focus .

you can get 3rd party flash if u want if not just go for a second hand SB600
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I heard some good reviews from yongnuo and metz flashes you can check them out=)
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Standard package dont come with remote wireless trigger for the flash, you got to get separately. 3rd party remote wireless trigger will be cheaper.

Macro lens is the way to go, agreed that kit lens wont do much. If you dont have any budget, get those 150 - 180 macro lens is the best
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