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Originally Posted by huashao View Post
If you want to do acrylic overhead sump.. can go FB group, there is a guy doing.. and it will be resting on tank side.. cost confirm over $100.

Can PM me link or contact pls. I try searching but cannot find.
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Originally Posted by huashao View Post
No backup plan if the other half clogged and start to overflow out of the tray ?
If they overflow the water would flow into the tank anyway.

I would also monitor the trays and adjust the "blockage" accordingly.
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1. Do not use overhead sump unless ur tank has reinforced bracings or support made specifically for it. It's a lot heavier than conventional ohf coz of the water weight.

2. As others have mentioned, use aluminium bars / angle bars as base support so the weight of the ohf is evenly distributed and not putting bulk of the pressure on the tank bracings. Or get those aluminium/ stainless steel racks ppl are customising on fb. Or ask ur tank maker to reinforce ur bracing tell him u want overhead sump/ohf n he should understand.

3. Use better quality media meant for ohf trays so u don't need a ton of media or bear the risk of it clogging up and causing unnecessary weight due to water retention... eg marine pure media which is made specifically for ohf trays.
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If you are getting a new tank suggest that you let the tank maker know you wish to have OHF setup so as the can reinforce the bracing for the tank to take up the extra load. My current tank was from a friend which custom to take a load of a 6ft glass OHF. Cheers!
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Yes, re-enforce well. Having a overhead sump crashing into your main tank is no joke.
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You may want to replace it with canister filters as a long term solution.
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