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Default mixture of guppies, endlers & platies

hi all, i've recently decided to rescape my old tank (2-ft)

this time instead of tetras, i'm keeping a mixture of guppies, endlers and platies (about 10 each, mixture of males and females)

some noob questions:

1. can they live together peacefully? i read that they can, but i sometimes see my endlers chasing the guppies (even though the guppies are larger in size)

2. will they reproduce non-stop? i have a fairly dense planted tank, have spotted a few fries already... i hope they won't end up eaten by the adults

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cheng wei jian
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Do note that guppies may reproduce with endlers forming hybrids, that could be why the endlers may be chasing the guppies to breed. just my 2 cents worth. cheers
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As long as there are some plants, the fries will hide themselves well. Don't worry.
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thanks for the replies

i'm starting to see tiny fries swimming around already

there are red/orange fries (i assume those are platy fries) and grey ones (should be the fries of guppies or endlers)
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