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Think they are talking about the compressor unit and not the fan coil unit. In case there is some confusion here.

The compressor will pull air to the condenser to cool by means of condensation (using the aircon gas) before it blow through the fan coil, that is why there sure have water formation.

TS: Have you consulted more aircon contractor for advise. Maybe some has solution.
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Air conditioner consists of compressor, condenser and evaporator. Two types of system, integrated or splited. Former system with all three components in a single unit. The later system also know as multi-system, in the case of cooler, compressor and condenser are house in the out door unit and evaporator is house in the indoor unit.

Condensation of water happen at evaporator only, Integrated system or at in-door unit. Has nothing to do with inverter feature.

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After two years, the neighbour complains again!

Found out that there is this drip tray from 'approved design' from Polymer Technology, but it seems it needs to puncture my wall and connect to my bathroom floor trap or to my indoor air cond drain pipe.

I may just engaged contractor to chemical clean my system, any recommendation?
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