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Default bakki shower for pond

I would like to check if anyone here has installed a bakki shower for their pond filtration. How effective is this in reducing Dissolved organic compounds and if it is effective in combating foam on water surfaces>
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I don't have a pond at home but I watch youtube video that Momotaro koi farm using it.

As for your Qns: if it is effective in combating foam on water surfaces.
to what I see from the video answer is No, it only help you to increase the foam on water surface.
( I think for this you will need to install a filter or install a overflow pipe that help you to clear the water surface foam)
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those stackable overhead filter is more or less similar to bakki shower effect
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bakki shower is only effective if you have a proper air exchange tray, high volume water flow and using the Original Momotaro Bacteria House.

it will increase the foam only in initial stage, with proper design overflow skimmer, there will not be any foam on your pond surface.

search the forum, many bro has modification to the bakki shower design.
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