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Default $800M for the 700-bed NTF Hospital ??

It costs more than $1M per bed to build this hospital..........

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Even if there were no "irregularities" or "corruption", such vast spending of taxpayers $$$ would simply be "let's move on" even though several ministries were involved in this "lapses"
And none of the Ministers would be held accountable......this is the marvel of a one-party govt.
Even our Opposition seems "resigned" to these lapses which they know would come to noughts even if they protest in Parliament
Ownself check ownself.......with tons of "justifications" and everything is "swept under the carpet" and thereafter forgotten
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Cost per bed average out based on the whole construction cost of the hospital is inaccurate way of measurement.

It's like... if you dine at a restaurant and the steak cost $100, would you say the cost of steak is $100?

Money spent on education, healthcare, infrastructure, are not something we spread out on immediate benefits but long term benefits.

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