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Default Buy/Sell Forum : Posting Guidelines

Originally Posted by Alvin Koh

Dear Members,

More complaints on postings by members that contain little or no contents have been increasing

Examples of such postings usually contain things like "Upzz"/"Good luck!" or smileys only

Such postings serve usually no real purpose and become an eyesore when fellow members start to follow suit.

To discourage such postings, the following rules will be put in place. Please read & understand the following which will be effective immediately; failing which, post counts of the members responsible will be reduced to 0 without prior notice. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently.

Do not "bump"/upz a thread if:

1) the last post was within 6 hours) or there are already 2 "bumps" (regardless of how long ago the last 2 bumps were )

Smileys-only postings

Generally, all smileys-only postings are frowned upon. If a member is found to be consecutively posting smileys to majority of his/her postings, the same actions will be taken.

Such posts offer no real content/discussion, takes up server resources and sets a bad example for new members to follow.

Alvin Koh

Dear members

Further to Alvin's guidelines on posting style as above quoted.

In case some of you really do not know why your threads are being moved, closed or deleted, I'm stating the reasons here for all to peruse and hopefully abide by the guidelines.

Reasons for Closed/Deleted Threads

Where there are flaming, unrelated discussions, illegal sales of protected species, non-aquatic sales, commercial/mass sale at this section. And where there is a duplicate thread at another subforum buy/sell

Non-aquatic stuffs like watches, furniture, books, etc to exchange aros, tanks etc are considered non-aquatic sales. Selling On Behalf is not allowed.

Where the thread degenerates to idle chat.
Where there are specific subforum buy/sell eg bettas, LHs, Discus (Cichlids), Guppies ..

Disabled Accounts

As far as possible, we try not to ban any member. We'll prefer to persuade rather than to be authoritarian. However, that does not mean we're weak or indecisive. When push comes to shove, we'll not hesitate to ban the user. Instances of a/cs that were disabled include recalcitrant members who insisted to post at this section rather than commercial buy/sell when they know they're doing mass/commercial selling, members who create double nicks solely for the aim of flaming and members who are disruptive and a threat to forum harmony.

Being irritating does not justify banning.

One last thing, this is hobbyists' buy/sell and trade. Not adopt, ask for free and profiteering. Asking for free only makes urself looks not so good and invite flamings. Profiteers, pls do ur postings at commercial buy/sell to correctly reflect ur status as a trader. This will help to eradicate arguments which is common among rivals and competitors.

Any flouting of our guidelines will result in first a deduction in your rep points and recalcitrant offenders will have their account disabled.

Not reading the guidelines and ignorance is not an excuse. It is your perogative to read and adhere to our guidelines and do not expect us to individually pm everyone of who have infringed these guidelines. We cannot and will not do these tedious tasks.

We seek your understanding and your being responsible in your postings to create a friendly forum and a close knit fishkeeping community.


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Originally Posted by NewNew
mods, can please enlighten me on the selling of PNTs?

PNT is one of the protected species under CITES2. It's illegal to trade. There are many other species that are protected and under same category. Please refer to the CITES site. All endangered and/or protected species are not allowed for sale in this forum.
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