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Default Upzz and Smiley postings

Read Alvin's guidelines on the above. This is a gentle reminder on consecutive upzz and smiley only postings. Now that our bandwidth is sorely inadequate, I would like to ask that you guys refrain from this. I really hope u can cooperate rather than me having to use zaps as a deterrent. Don't come and complain you dunno when u kena zapped. I ask politely first. This information has been there for a long long time.

Anymore of these postings after this reminder , dun blame me for zapping you.

For kaypo members who like to " upzz ur thread " , two consecutive upzz and I'll close the thread. Threadstarter, u not happy, blame ur kaypo friends.

Originally Posted by Alvin Koh

Dear Members,

More complaints on postings by members that contain little or no contents have been increasing

Examples of such postings usually contain things like "Upzz"/"Good luck!" or smileys only

Such postings serve usually no real purpose and become an eyesore when fellow members start to follow suit.

To discourage such postings, the following rules will be put in place. Please read & understand the following which will be effective immediately; failing which, post counts of the members responsible will be reduced to 0 without prior notice. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently.

Do not "bump"/upz a thread if:

1) the last post was within 6 hours) or there are already 2 consecutive "bumps" (regardless of how long ago the last 2 bumps were )

Smileys-only postings

Generally, all smileys-only postings are frowned upon. If a member is found to be consecutively posting smileys to majority of his/her postings, the same actions will be taken.

Such posts offer no real content/discussion, takes up server resources and sets a bad example for new members to follow.

Alvin Koh
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