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Bro .S1
Your second idea not bad la(may work), but I don't think it is gonna be veri effective leh.
If u hardcore, but a 2nd barfridge (hack it like the petfrd guy using rubber hose)and put the radiator in it.....sure jalan 1! 18DegC oso no pobem!
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Originally Posted by .S1
Yo Bro LiuHao and Schema,

I understand the logical explanation you have given which is true.

I have been into CPU cooling since 2000 and I have actually bought the CPU cooling device like the one that uses a ehiem pump to pump the coolant to the heat sink device, cost me $300. However, this is not very effective. The idea of having to put the heat sink into the main tank is not good as the fishes can get hurt should they fight and hurt themselves hitting on such heat sink. I also tried mounting the heat sink onto aluminium plate and have a section of the plate mounted internally within one side of the tank, not as effective as fan. Now it is driving my CPU.

One of the workaround I have thought of is having the Radiator (which has the main tank water running within it), soak it in the water of another say 2 feet tank and mount it in such a way where the fan is both blowing the radiator and evaporating the water in the 2 feet tank. The evaporation of the water in the 2 feet tank will help to cool down the water which in turn cool the radiator. At least this way, I only need to top up water in the 2 feet tank and not the main tank. What do you bros think?

Why I am trying to do this is to minimise the heat generated when trying to cool the tank and to have less frequent water top-up, yet maintain temp at around 26-27 degrees max.

Indeed, has any brother tried ice probe before, very tempted to purchase it via the internet.
Sorry, not too convinced it will work. IMHO, if you use fan cooling, the max temp drop would be around 4 degrees. Not enough temp difference between your cooler and tank water to make much diff. Also, to achieve the same amount of cooling, you'll need to remove the same amount of heat. Hence, you'll still incur the same amount of evaporation, and same amount of top up.

Still, if you can get it to work, think I'll be the first one to copy you
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Yo Bros,

I am trying to find time and the appropriate parts. If there is success I will keep you guys updated. If anyone has similar setup, please share. Thanks.

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