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Originally Posted by gregsng
My 7in aro bought 2 weeks ago did not have droop-eye. After a week with me, suddenly got droop eye on the left one. Very sad. I actually pumped him after buying and he's a greedy fellow. Could it be food? My previous 2 aro living in that tank did not have any droop eye.
Yap. We are still in the midst of argument about food. I still think food/diet and its size. Well I am still waiting input from Dr Ling. 7Inch pretty young fellow...Care to share what have you fed and how much ? Frequency and amount? Wat type of aro?
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Originally Posted by Hobbit6003
Hi Zihao,

You've got a point there, but like what Vincent had mentioned, in order for adipose cells to grow, you'd need to really on extremely overfed diet for that to occur. The percentage isn't that great in humans.

from what I could gather, the relapse in the aro can occur as early as 2-3 months after the excision of the fats.

Yeah, I think it'll be good for Ling to answer that too!


Only got his call today. The reply is like the relapse percentage is high no matter how it is fixed. Indeed, silvers are more prone. (Reason gotta ask him again as my battery going flat so ended the conversation fast) Adipose cells do grow back (depending the age and diet) but there may be other factors to the cause of relapse and may not just be diet. How much is overfeed, very hard to give a measure.
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Originally Posted by zihao
I will start the ball rolling:
1. For my red arowanas, mainly specially formulated pellets and market prawns. For gold, mainly the same pellets and beef/pig heart (mixed with other stuff).

2. Most of the cases I see is diet-caused droop eyes.
I agree with Zihao. Diet-caused droop eyes which had happen to me after feeding My Aro with Gold Fish.

For my New VF, I had feed her with Frog and SW(Must sure it does not sink to the bottom).
Now my VF only eat whatever is flooding on top and does not bother anything which has sink to the bottom even over night.
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shi tah
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my xback deleveloped drop eye after about 5 days of gorging on frogs. He was about 8-9 inches then and took about 30 baby frogs a day. That was when i first bought him and i guess he was a lil stunted when he was still at the fish shop. Controlled his diet subsequently and fed him less frequently and with smaller amounts each time. Also changed him over to crickets and sw. The problem resolved after about 3 months. My hypothesis?

1. Diet higher in fats content
2. Sudden and large increase in diet (compared to consistent feeding)
3. Genetics which affects the metabolic rate of the fish (which i am sure varies just like how it varies in homans) or external conditions which can affect the metabolic consumption rate of the fish eg water movements, size of tanks, temperature, activity of fish
4. Not so sure about re other external environmental conditions which have been implicated eg bare bottom, tank too high or low etc. so can't comment
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