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Default oranda tank

Good Day,

I am planning to start keeping few oranda (9 pieces) and now planning what tank and filter to buy.

I hope the tank itself will be self sufficient meaning minimal maintenance and hopefully all i need to do is topping up water.

Anyone has any idea for such setup?

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No matter what you still need to change water in fish keeping. If not either you got a huge water volume tank to hold the load of bioload in there with a filtration system or you may ended up doing more frequent water change.
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There's no such kind of setup.... even in big pond... u still need to do some WC ...... suggest u get a 4x1.5x1.5 keep 9 x those 2-2.5 inches oranda...... With good filteration and feeding once a day only..... u may be able to drag the WC times to 1 times every 2 weeks.
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