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Originally Posted by Epon View Post
Can endi live in a salt environment?

I read somewhere that endi cannot take salt like rays..

In my aro and gar tank.. I put 0.1% salt usually. .

If I comm endi.. then I have to stop salt right?
I never keep ray before...but what I heard is no direct salt for for endi/ issue with salt...
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Thanks guys.. I will keep that in mind
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Originally Posted by jPoPbOl View Post
which lfs in tampines? haha

been long time since i active in af
There the one beside the Singapore Pool St.81

Originally Posted by desmondpeh View Post
Bro, endi are generally much more hardy fishes compared to rays. I do wc for my 422 comm of bichirs and add at least 4 teaspoons of salt directly into the tank. So far this method has no issue at all. Whereas for rays, you will need to dissolve the salt in water first before adding it in I think.
Yea true that! When i change water i'll add 1 table spoon of salt dir3ectly into the tank!
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Let proceed to Bichir Thread 64 to continue discussion.

Mod can help close thread? Thanks
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