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Wat abt shiruba 303 is it gd enough for a 2ft tank???
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Shiruba XB303? Checked e web, it's flow rate is only 360L/hr, which is too low for a 2ft tank. Atman CF 600 gives 740L/hr. I don't know the formula for calculating flow rate by tank volume, but I am only sharing from my own experience.

Don't forget, after adding in sponge and filter media, the actual flow rate will be lower than the max stated.

I do have an Eden 501, but found it really too low for a 2ft, may be ok for up to 1.5ft tank.

There are many other brands of canisters. Am not able to comment on other brands even tho I have used a couple of others before. Any other info, do a search online.

Reason why I kept mentioning Atman is because, price is reasonable, can't hear any sound even tho it's under my desk, and it has served me since Feb 2008 (believe previous owner used it for 1yr) and it's still running strong.

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Shiruba XB303 :
Atman CF 600 :
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