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Default Online Flowerhorn Competition

Organized by Flowerhorn Club Singapore (FHCS) and supported by (AF)

Rules & Regulations

1. The online competition is back after a lapse of 2 years and is brought back by popular demand from members of AF and FHCS.

2. The competition consists of one single “Open Category” which is applicable to all breeds of flowerhorns that are at least 10cm in total length. It is open to all members of FHCS and AF who are residents in Singapore as well as FHCS members who stay in Southern Malaysia. The President of FHCS will not participate in this competition to ensure fair-play.

3. To participate, a member must submit 2 digital photographs (left & right full views of the fish) and a video clip of his/her flowerhorn, together with his/her name, AF nick, home address and hand-phone number. Entries will be judged on the fish’s attributes and not on the quality of the pictures or the video clip. The fish entered for the competition must be owned by the member and not borrowed from someone else.

4. Entries can be submitted by PM to dave6238 or emailed to with the 2 photographs (unedited and resized to 640 x 480, and linked to photobucket or imageshack) and video clip (minimum 30sec duration and linked to youtube) attached. Closing date for entries is 26 June 2010, 2359 hrs. After the closing date, all the fish entries will be posted in AF’s FH Forum for public viewing.

5. Entry fee is $10 per fish for FHCS members and $20 per fish for non-FHCS members. Participants may submit as many fishes as they like for this competition. Payment will be by ATM-transfer to the organizer’s bank account. Participant will be notified on the payment procedure once his/her entry is received.

6. The appointed judges for this competition are 2 AF members from Malaysia and 2 AF members from Indonesia. The judges will assess the fishes based on the judging criteria listed below. The average scores of all the fishes will be listed in AF’s FH Forum at the conclusion of the competition.

7. After the initial judging, 10 finalists will be selected for FHCS officers and photographer to visit the owners’ homes for verification of ownership. The photographer will take pictures and video clips of the Top 10 fishes for final round of judging as well as for use in a Viewers’ Choice Contest in AF. Any participant who refused to let the Club Officers enter his/her home will be disqualified from the competition and no appeal will be entertained.

8. In the Viewers’ Choice Contest, the photographs and video clips of the Top 10 fishes will be posted in AF’s FH Forum for members to vote their favourite in an open poll. Based on the poll result, the following points will be added to the total marks scored by the judges: Fish with the most votes – 10 pts, Runner-up – 9 pts, 3rd – 8 pts, 4th – 7 pts, 5th – 6 pts, 6th – 5 pts, 7th – 4 pts, 8th – 3 pts, 9th – 2 pts and 10th – 1 pt.

9. Prizes
1st Prize – Trophy, certificate, $100 cash + credit mention under their nick in AF.
2nd Prize – Trophy, certificate, $75 cash + credit mention under their nick in AF.
3rd Prize – Trophy, certificate, $50 cash + credit mention under their nick in AF.
4th – 10 Prize – Merit certificate.
Note: Credit mention in AF will be for a period of 1 year.

10. Judging Criteria

a) Overall Impression - 15 pts
b) Head Growth - 20 pts
c) Face and Eyes - 10 pts
d) Body Shape - 15 pts
e) Flower Marking - 5 pts
f) Pearls - 10 pts
g) Colours -10 pts
h) Finnages and Tail -15 pts
TOTAL - 100 pts

11. Competition Schedule:

1) Submission of entries by participants:18 – 26 June 2010 (9 days)
2) Collation of entries by organizer: 27 - 28 June 2010 (2 days)
3) 1st round of judging for all entries: 29 June – 1 July 2010 (3 days)
4) Officers’ visits to 10 finalists’ homes: 3 - 4 July 2010 (2 days)
5) Collation of pictures & videos for Top 10 fishes: 5 – 9 July 2010 (5 days)
6) Viewers’ Choice Contest on Top 10 fishes: 10 – 16 July 2010 (7 days)
7) Judging of Top 10 fishes:17 – 18 July 2010 (2 days)
8) Final tabulation of scores for Top 10 fishes: 19 – 20 July 2010 (2 days)
9) Announcement of final results in AF: 21 July 2010.
10) Distribution of prizes and certificates: Sept (in conjunction with FHCS 2nd Anniversary Event)

12. Participants are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the rules and regulations and will abide by them unconditionally. Judges’ and Organiser’s decisions are final and no correspondence will be entertained during or after the competition. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the rules & regulations and the competition schedule at any time during the competition without prior notification to the participants.

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