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Default Importance of Vitamins and Minerals to Ornamental Fishes

Hi all, some hobbyists were asking why Mirage Vita a vitamin based supplement and High Active a mineral based supplement are so important to our fishes.

Allow us to share some objective research papers about the importance of administrating vitamins to our tank

Abstracted from

Ornamental fish require minerals for normal body metabolism such as bone and hemoglobin formation, pH regulation, and hormone and enzyme function. Unlike terrestrial pets, ornamental fish can absorb some water-soluble minerals from the water. However, as the mineral composition of water is quite variable, it is recommended that dietary supplements be used to satisfy the full nutritional requirements of fish kept in aquaria.

Quantitative vitamin requirements have been established for a number of aquaculture fish species, but there is no information on requirements for any of the ornamental fish. It has to be assumed that the requirement of ornamental fish species is at least equal to that of the aquaculture species, for which we have species-specific requirements.

As ornamental fish have a very limited or even no access to natural food, the vitamins must be supplied in the diet. As fish foods are administered in water, the rate of loss of water-soluble vitamins is very high. Depending on the solubility, up to 90% of some of the B vitamins, and 65% of vitamin C, can be leached out of food within.30 seconds of being in contact with water. For all flake foods tested, the average time at which the first flake arrives at the bottom of the tank (30 cm deep) is 90 seconds. For bottom-feeding fish species this is the first opportunity they have to consume the food. Therefore, hypovitaminosis can be expected in this group.

The factors affecting the nutrition of ornamental fish are far more complex than those affecting the nutrition of single species of other groups of pets. The three-dimensional feeding environment, water-soluble vitamin leaching, interspecies competition and individual species palatability preferences are among the examples discussed in this paper.
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