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Default Spawning the Pterophyllum Scalares 'Essequibo'

Hi Folks,

Many months ago, I got a call from Jia Yong from JZX. He told me he has something interesting to show me. I reckon it must be a new strain of wild angelfish. Honestly, I wasn't excited as many LFS have been bringing in wild scalares and often regardless of the locality, there wasn't much interesting about the fish to speak of.

In any case, I decided to pop over his shop immediately after work to have a quick look. When I reached there, he showed me a bag of angelfish. There were 10 of them. He cautioned me that the finnage was badly burnt. So plainly, I wasn't too hopeful.

I netted out one pc...... My eyes almost popped out.

What I saw was nice bluish green speckles all over the body of the fish. At first glance, it looks like Suriname. But there were very distinct red spots on the back of the fish. Suriname sometimes will have some spots on the side of the body but not on its back and it is usually very minimum. Also, Suriname's body color will have tinge of yellow, not bluish green speckles like the one in my hand. To me, this is definitely not Suriname for sure. Also, the body shape is different. Suriname has a pronounced protruding forehead but this fish has a smoother curve in its head shape. Suriname also has a taller body form but this new strain has a rounder body form.

I asked Jia Yong what was this.... He said.... It's labelled as Pt Scalares "Essequibo" and they are German bred. I did a quick google search. Rio Essequibo is the largest river in Guyana. This must be the rare Red Spotted Guyana! I 've read about this strain before. I immediately bagged the whole batch.

I kept this batch for a few months. The red speckles on their back started to spread and the body started to develop very fine black spots, which cover almost the entire body of some specimens. I brought home 2 pcs (suspected male and female) and threw them into my planted tank.

After keeping them for almost year...... they bred......

So, here are some pics to show their development.

About 2 months after getting the Essequibo .... Fish age is probably about 5 months old.
Suspected male

Suspected female

Group pic

Can see the badly burnt finnage.... but to a breeder, this is not crucial. It's the genes that matters.

About 7 months old.

About 9 months
Male - Can see the black spottings covering the entire body....

Group pic

Female also started to develop black spotting to the belly.

To be continued tomorrow.....
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Decided to continue with the post .....

About one month ago, i shifted them into their breeding tank after confirming their gender and the two pcs have also shown some breeding behaviour. Fish are now estimated to be about 11 months old.

Can see the bluish green speckles still there and the spotting has covered the entire body

Fish in their breeding tank..... now it's a waiting game....

And finally..... about 1-2 weeks ago...... They bred...

See the eggs on the slate?

About 3-4 days later.... Males taking care of the newly hatched fries

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I understand that JZX has brought in some more of these Essequibo.... So for those who wanna try your luck.... this will be a real possibility.

Good Luck!!!
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Congrats once again Angel master... Really whatever Angel get into your hand also breed. Now waiting for your SI to launch.
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Wah this one is nice bro!
Congrats and as usual simi angel pun seh
Life is full of empty promises and broken dreams
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Swee swee. Very nice specimens and thanks for sharing on your collections again bro. Always a drooling factor for me.
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wow... beautiful angels.... always like the spots on the angelfish. Later I go see Jia Yong liao
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Awesome stuff and sharing big bro.
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Very nice angle there..
Kudos to your dedication
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Good job...another achievement added to your title.
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