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Hi Jiujin,
It is not advisable to use detergent to sterilised your tanks or accessories. Use Potassium Permengate soluton to do it if neccessary.

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Originally Posted by jiujin
my oranda turn is getting better. no white colour thingy....but the fish abit dull lar...
not so *genki* as last time.
perform water chg every 12 hrs,salt bath,potassium permanganate bath alternately
Hi jiujin,

Glad to know that your fish is getting better!

Try not to disturb the fish too frequently, let it rest and recover peasefully. You may stop doing WC every 12 hrs especially if your filtering system is matured. If you want to play save, do WC twice per week will do. As for PP bath, it will be good if your fish got infected after an extreme stress due to the recent 'disaster', otherwise not really a must.

As I have mentioned, beware of the bio load. Don't feed your gf too much of food and avoid keeping too many fish in your tank. These will save you a lot of troubles and you will feel more enjoyable in keeping fish. Cheers!
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