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Default Black Spot Disease and other diseases

Black Spot Disease

Once again I apologize to fellow bros Neutral and Rich, I have done my own research and findings from Hong Kong/ Taiwan Forums and Translated some of the information on which I would like to share with the fellow bros. As i have been busy for the past few weeks i have only translated the below and will in future translate the rest if i have to time for fellow bros who dont understand mandarin

What is black spot disease.

The disease is caused by Benekea sp which attack main component of the cell walls of the exoskeletons of arthropods

The early stages, lesions are small brown spots, ulcers after lesions gradually become black. Bacterial will destroyed muscle tissues under the shell. The most common bacterial infected area is the gill, abdominal muscle belly, tail section and gastropods. Seriously infected will just lie on its side, only gastropods and gills in motion.

Black spot disease is one of the most common diseases. First the crustacean shell will get damaged, followed by crustaceans and detritus decomposing bacteria invade. Finally a deadly invasion of freshwater algae-like bacteria, spread and attack, causing shrimp mortality. (Happens when the immunity system is down)

Reasons on how this disease occur.

There are many reasons on how this disease might occur.
1. Bad water conditions
2. Unhealthy shrimps
4.Too much NO3
5. Hormones imbalance (during mating and molting)
6. Soil bed turned bad (Usually happens after long usage of soil 1-2 years)


1) Isolate the infected shrimps – Best to isolate them in another tank to prevent any spreading.

2) “Wash” the soil bed. – Use siphon to clean the soil, there might be left over food or dead shrimps under the soil leading to bad water conditions.

3) Change the soil bed – If possible,Changing soil is better than washing the soil as it will be more effective.

4) Water change – Water change is necessary, at most 1/3 of the water as the shrimps are very sensitive to water changes! It is advised to change more if the situation is bad.

5) Add in Beneficial bacteria – Restart the Beneficial bacteria colony in the tank.

6) Remove all the items in the tank – remove all items in the tank. (e.g. drift wood, breeding box etc.) This is to ensure that we are able to spot dead shrimps and remove them immediately.

7) Increase the supply of oxygen - think by increasing the supply of oxygen, after the disease, it can help to prolong the life of shrimp, for more treatment time. Best to put the air driven sponge filter.

Increase flow rate – Increase flow rate by adding another canister filter. Avoid direct flow on the shrimps by adding a rainbar. Introduce more mosses so the shrimps won’t be swept away.

9) Add salt for aquarium. – in anyways is should be effective but not too much.

10) Add in plants with roots. – this is to absorb all the excess nutrients in the soil

Sorry to those bros who are not able to read Madrain .

Other links to other diseases

Also another good writeup by Imke (English)
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