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Default Inactive guppies

Hi guys, new to the forum so go easy on me. Two weeks ago we purchased a 5 gallon tank, heather, tetra power filter and some plastic plants. 5 guppies and 3 ghost shrimp for the bottom (Ive since come to realise this may be overcrowding). I also had no clue what cycling the tank meant. Unfortunately I was naive and just went for it, now learning its not that easy.

Anyway, no problems for two weeks, but over the last few days two ghost shrimp have died. Now the guppies are very inactive, when I approach the tank they are all either bunched up underneath the heater, or floating still on top of the water. Like I said Im new to all this and learning each day. Am I now seeing the problems with not cycling a tank before putting my guppies in? Anything you can recommend that will help fairly quickly?

Will be buying a gravel vacuum for a water change, and water test kit soon, so cant provide stats on the water at the moment, apart from the fact it always been 78C.

Gravel base, plastic plants, couple small ornaments, no air pump.

Thanks for your help!
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Whats ur water changing frequency like ? Cycling a tank is one tank, but even how well developed the bb are if u dont change water at all its really hard to maintain desired water parameters.
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Hi bro,
Welcome to guppying & AF. Below is a useful link about tank cycling. Do read up. Ur guppies might b stress, normally all these symptom will surface after a few days. After water cycling, best try out a few $1 type as tester b4 venture into fancy guppy. Do post ur updates or problems, all bros & siss r most willing to help u. Good luck
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Take out Plastic plant may cut the guppy. Have u put in anti chlorine/chlorophenamine?
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Oh wow, Ive woke up to a guppy massacre. 4 dead, one barely wih us, with a 'white edge' to it.

I changed the top of the water last night, as I wait to buy a gravel vacuum. Changed no more than 10% and replaced it with filtered water, treated with jungle start right, as usual.

I added some drops of ammo lock, which I found around the house a few days ago. Could this have been the cause of so many deaths so close together?

I know you guys cant be of much help without any water parameters. I have noticed the water looks more cloudy this morning.

Back to the drawing board I guess.
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Need to master the water management first. To understand how is yours water before you can do anything.
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hi .. maybe u can try this .. just buy everything like bio ring blah blah .. then leave everythingand let it run for a week .. after this try to introduce some cheap fish inside if they can survive .. then start adding new fishes.. for me i dont add water in straight to the tank because it might occur white spot for the fish... so i will leave the water in a plastic bag or the LFS bag and let them to float overnight or so before adding that in .. hope it help !!
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