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Default For first timer (Please Read)

Hi all,
We have reviewed and notice that with so many CZ AQUA products available new users might be confused about the products so we have decide to compile a simple summary and the necessary links to the product writeup.

1) Power Breed (VITAMINS for mid size and adult rays)
2) Aqua Plus (VITAMINS for ray and any other kind of fishes)
3) Aqua Clear (Treat internal parasite (stingray safe))
4) Aqua Bac (Anti Bacteria/external wound(stingray safe))
5) Aqua H (reduce stress for fishes/ treats swim bladder problem)
6) High Active (Grooming of Arowana/Louhan etc)
7) Power Pink (luohan series) (Enhance the red colouration of fishes)
8) Help for Monster Kok (Green) (High Protein) (Pellet food for Luohan)
9) Help for strong fin and shape (Black) (High Calcium) (Pellet food for Luohan)
10) Clear (luohan series) (treat white faeces for Luohan)
11) Bacta (Anti Bacteria/external wound for Luohan)

To locate the nearest fish shop that carries these products click here

If there is anything we can do to improve on our system, do let us know. We hope to serve you better. Thank you
Mirage Aquatic - a store for all your fish' needs. For more facebook updates, click here
Visit us at our official website, click here

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