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Ornamental Fish Fiesta
Jointly organised by the Flowerhorn Club, Malaysia and Singapore Betta Congress, the event will be open for public viewing from the 20-22 September 2013.
Venue : N6 Park Marquee Hougang Street 61 Block 686
AF Anniversary 2013
AF & AFC expresses its appreciation to its members, organizing committee & the following sponsors for making this event possible. [Listing in Alphabetic Order]
- Aqua Nautic Specialist
- Aquatic Gliders
- CrazyFish
- Dragon Fish Industry
- DreamFish Inc.
- JZX@PetBoutique
- Lucky Fish Farm
- Neo Kim Suey Aquarium
- OTF Aquarium Farm
- Pang Long Arowanas
- Qian Hu Corporation Limited
- Raffles Arowana 龍朝
- Rein Biotech Services Pte Ltd
- Sing Arowanas
- Stones Aquarium

Aquarama 2013 - Exclusive Preview
Exclusive Release on behind the scene insights of competition benching @ AQ13:


AFC & PCS Exclusive: Insights & Preview to Aquarama 2013
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AF Carnival: Stingray Grand Champ Photography by Chris Kim
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